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Great Bear Lodge


Daytime Lift Cover Shot

Come Work With Us This Winter

Spend this winter working at the most exciting spot in eastern South Dakota: Great Bear Ski Valley!

We will be holding our annual Job Fair Saturday November 11th 2017 from 11am - 2pm in the Great Bear chalet 5901 E Rice St. in Sioux Falls.

Applications will be recieved and on the spot interviews will be conducted to fill positions in Guest Services, Food Service, Rental Operations, Lift Operations, Skii and Snowboard Instructors, Day Maintenance and Over Night Snowmaking. All Positions will be filled with applicants ages 16 and over (18 and over for maintenance and snowmaking). Those applicants ages 14 & 15 may work in foodservice if there are any availalbe positions. Information will also be available for anyone interested in joining the Great Bear Ski Patrol.

Benefits to working at Great Bear Recreation Park in Sioux Falls, SD include: 

  • $25 season passes
  • Employees children participate in our youth lesson snowbears program for FREE
  • Employees children at home UNDER age of 18 qualify for a $25 season pass!
  • Flexible hours
  • Great, fun winter environment!

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