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Winter Tips

Aerial View Of Great Bear In The Winter

Eight Simple Tips For First-Time Skiers & Snowboarders

1) Rent Equipment at Great Bear

You don’t need to spend a bunch of money on equipment to try skiing or snowboarding. We offer everything you need to get on the slopes or trails affordably. Click here to learn more about our rental equipment. If you are coming to Great Bear for tubing, all you need to bring is yourself, warm clothes and be ready to have a good time! 

2) Have Fun! 

Skiing and tubing are life-long sports and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and all athletic abilities.

3) Take a Lesson

Learning the basics is a smart way to have fun and be safe on the slopes. Our PSIA instructors will have you swooshing down the slopes with confidence in no time.  Click here  to learn more about out SnowSports School.

4) Have Fun!

Bring a friend — or a group of friends.

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5) Dress in Layers

Staying warm and comfortable is an important part of enjoying your day at Great Bear Ski Valley. Wearing layers of clothes allows you to maintain an ideal temperature by removing or adding clothes as weather conditions require.Your first layer of clothing should be long underwear. A warm, insulated waterproof jacket and pants for your second layer will also make your day more enjoyable. Ski socks or long socks will help keep your feet warm. High wool or polypropylene content is recommended. Bring a warm stocking cap or ski helmet. Ski/Snowboard goggles are designed for a snowing environment. Bring a polar fleece scarf or face mask to keep your face and neck area warm.  

6) Keep at it.

Skiing and snowboarding, like any sport, takes practice. The more often you get out on the slopes, the better you’ll become. But be warned, our winter sports are very addictive and you’ll be hooked for life after a few outings.

7) Visit Often!

Skiing and snowboarding is all about having fun in the great outdoors. Even the world’s best skiers had to learn sometime, so relax even if you face some challenges. We’re sure you’ll soon see, skiing and snowboarding at Great Bear Ski Valley is the ultimate way to spend a winter day.

8) Have More Fun!

It’s easy at Great Bear Ski Valley!

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